Our Story

The livestock tradition of Amarantidis Farm began with my grandparents who came from Trabzon. It was continued by my parents and me in the area of Kallifitos and in Likodiasello at an attitude of 900 meters, in the north of the Prefecture of Drama where our animal farming unit is located.

Our love for livestock farming as well as the innovation we apply to the unit and its butcher shop, led us to breeding cattle breeds with great advantage. So, our unit in Kallifito was reinforced with “Limousine” meat breeds.

Aris Amarantidis


Our priority is the diet of the animal, which is crucial for the taste and nutritional quality of the meat. For the purpose we choose excellent raw material from fruit and plants of the Greek land.

Dry Aging

At Amarantidis farm, during the last years, we have moreover been engaged with the dry ager sector. This method provides selected pieces of meat that have matured in a special dry ageing chamber. The depth and intensity of the taste resulting from dry aged meat could satisfy even the most demanding meat eater. We are already planning our next impressive steps.