Dry Age: Beef Guide workshop cancelation

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Amarantidis Farm informs you that the Dry Age: BEEF GUIDE workshop, scheduled for March 15th 2020 in Thessaloniki, is being canceled.

Following the recommendations of the Greek Ministry of Health and due to the high transmissibility of the corona virous, it was decided to suspend the workshop.

The new date of the workshop will be announced soon.

Dry Age: Beef Guide

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Aris Amarantidis is a keynote speaker at a workshop on beef’s dry aging good practices, co-organized by CHEFistry and Amarantidas Farm.

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Workshop will take place on March 15th 2020 at Seagull Space . Following topics will be covered:

– EFET legislation on the management of dry aging products.
– Certifications and analyzes for dry aging products.
– Choosing the right animal for dry aging.
– Farm and slaughterhouse conditions.
– Dry Aging fridge and cambinet.
– Suggestions for dry aging conditions (Humidity, Airflow, Temperature) for a short or long time, as well as reporting of dry aging conditions (Humidity, Airflow, Temperature) that reduce weight loss
– Tasting in different cuts (T-bone, Tomahawk, Sirloin) of 90 day dry aged Limousine beef, baked in Cypriot grill by the Foukou Project company and using olive oil from ΚΛΟΝ company.

15th HORECA, we were there!


On February 2020, from 12 to 15 , Amarantidis Farm participated in “Greek Breakfast” special event, by Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, in 15th HORECA, as a meat producer.

During this four-day event, Amarantidis Farm presented its dry aging products, as well as some cutting technics of dry aging products, mainly t-bone pieces, tomahawk steak and 140 days aging burgers.

“Feeds and Production of Ration” Seminar


Amarantidis Farm is attending an interesting seminar about feeds and production of ration , at American Farm School, Thessaloniki, Greece.

The seminar provides all the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge on the selection of suitable feeds, the evaluation of ready rations, the preparation and administration of necessary rations for ruminants (cows, sheep, goats) and monogastric animals (birds, pigs) and product costing.