Dry Age: Beef Guide

Aris Amarantidis is a keynote speaker at a workshop on beef’s dry aging good practices, co-organized by CHEFistry and Amarantidas Farm.

beef guide workshop poster

Workshop will take place on March 15th 2020 at Seagull Space . Following topics will be covered:

– EFET legislation on the management of dry aging products.
– Certifications and analyzes for dry aging products.
– Choosing the right animal for dry aging.
– Farm and slaughterhouse conditions.
– Dry Aging fridge and cambinet.
– Suggestions for dry aging conditions (Humidity, Airflow, Temperature) for a short or long time, as well as reporting of dry aging conditions (Humidity, Airflow, Temperature) that reduce weight loss
– Tasting in different cuts (T-bone, Tomahawk, Sirloin) of 90 day dry aged Limousine beef, baked in Cypriot grill by the Foukou Project company and using olive oil from ΚΛΟΝ company.